5 Reasons to Thank Your Plumber

So much of our everyday life revolves around plumbing.  Hot showers, toilets that flush, running water for drinking and cooking.  It really isn’t until something goes wrong and you need a plumber that you realize how essential they are to your everyday happiness.  Here are just five of the many good reasons to thank your plumber daily.

  1. You love hot showers.  Or hot baths.  Some people are shower people and some people are bath people.  Whatever floats your boat.  Some people luxuriate amongst fancy scented bath bombs, with lit candles and the whole shebang.  Others sing heavenly melodies (or perceived heavenly melodies) in the shower with the hot water turned all the way up so that the entire bathroom is engulfed in a thick cloud of steam.  What happens when your hot water heater goes?  Sorrow, that’s what happens.  No one luxuriates in a cold bath.  No one sings under a stream of freezing water.  Your trusty plumber can help repair or replace your hot water heater so you’re singing in the shower once again!
  2. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on your water bill. Water is great.  It’s a necessity, not a luxury.  But it’s still a utility, and you’ve got to pay for those utilities.  Incessantly running toilets and dripping faucets are more than annoying, they’re expensive.  Your trusty plumber can fix a running toilet or a dripping faucet like nobody’s business.  That’s just what they do.  It’s one of the many reasons we love plumbers.
  3. You like to be healthy and well. You know what happens when you have leaky pipes?    Mold happens.  And no one likes to settle down to frosty glass of mold water.  You don’t want to practice your morning yoga while breathing in icky mold.  That’s where your trusty plumber comes in.  He (or she!) will fix it so you can be relaxed and hydrated the healthy way.
  4. You dislike standing in raw sewage. I don’t know anyone who likes standing in raw sewage.  Or who enjoys having anything to do with raw sewage in any fashion.  Thank goodness for your trained professional plumber who can take care of this disgusting mess so you can get on with your life.
  5. You like to flush your toilet. Now, not to get too personal, but you and I both know that we appreciate a flushed toilet.  I think most people would agree that a flushed toilet is a happy toilet.  So when your darling toddler suddenly decides her Barbie’s life is not worth living and flushes poor Barbie down the toilet…disaster ensues.  Leave it to your trusty plumber to not only give poor Barbie a second lease on life, but to get things moving again for that toilet.As you can see, your plumber plays and integral role in the health and happiness of you and your family.Without your plumber, you couldn’t enjoy hot baths, you’d pay too much for wasted water, you’d drink mold water, stand in raw sewage, and be unable to flush your toilet.  Next time you see your plumber, be sure to thank him or her for the plethora of creature comforts you can enjoy because of your plumber.